First Day of Summer!

June 20, 2016

Attention Gaines Insurance clients! The first day of summer is here and it is officially time to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and longer days. One of our most favorite parts of the summer are the toys we get to play with – Boats, Jet skis, Motorcycles, oh my! From planning a family trip in the RV to spending the day out on the lake, the possibilities are endless in our beautiful region. Now, we wouldn’t be true to our insurance roots if we didn’t recommend the right insurance coverage while you are out there enjoying the summer air.

One of our favorite summer time activities is waterskiing. There is nothing like waking up early and getting out on the still lake before the crowds ensue. Boating on the lake or even the river is fun but can be dangerous. Have you thought about your liability insurance if you are to cause an accident? Does your homeowner’s liability follow your boat? Not always – there are many limitations to your homeowner’s personal liability insurance and the extension of that coverage. Some of those limitations are generated due to the length of the boat or if the vessel has a motor. What about that amateur water skier, tubing enthusiast or wanna-be pro wakeboarder trying to impress the lake spectators? If they are injured on your boat, do you have coverage? Our agency works with various providers of boat insurance to meet your needs and to give you peace of mind this summer! Whether you are just looking for liability or if you need full coverage including coverage for your passengers and personal items – remember, those I-Phones are very smart but are not waterproof – we have a market for you. Give us a call and our experienced team will be sure to recommend what is right for you! 916-773-8000